pointer bashing since 2012.

About me

Key facts

I’ve worked for datacenter and online payment companies. IHK certified Fachinformatiker Systemintegration.

Interested mostly in software development, network operation, eletrical engineering and fast cars.

Working a lot with infrastructure as code. DevOps minded. Developing software in C, Go, Python and PHP. Building pretty fast software with inline Assembly. Enjoys dealing with Elasticsearch and MySQL as data source.

Running infrastructures on top of Puppet and Terraform (GCP/AWS). Built several Puppet modules over the past years.

Knowledge in Linux Kernel Module as well as Application development, especially for packet processing. Built the network behind AS30823, advanced experience in bgp routing and datacenter grade networking, as well as datacenter operation (worked ~4 years for a dc operator).

Key Skills

  • Virtualization (KVM)
  • Distributed Storage (GlusterFS)
  • Network operation (mostly Juniper JunOS crap)
  • High availability (especially Webapplications/Virtualization)
  • Knowledge in Debian / CentOS / FreeBSD server operation

Network Operation

I’ve designed the fully redundant bgp network behind AS30823, which consists of multiple Juniper QFX/EX/MX devices, carrying a peak traffic of multiple 10Gbit/s.

At my previous jobs, I was also directly responsible for Juniper SRX Firewall Clusters acting as the base of payment infrastructure for large enterprises.

Datacenter Operation

At my first job, I was involved in operating multiple datacenters across Munich. I understand the core principles of professional datacenter operation such as Power, Cooling and Connectivity.

Some of my projects

flowShield is a ddos-filter written in C, based on the netmap framework. It’s operated in the network of combahton GmbH, protecting it’s clients against ddos-attacks on network level. Usage of hashtables, threading and transmiting packets in order to verify clients. flowShield deals with ~7500 ddos attacks per month – ranging from simple to complex tcp/udp floods.

cloud-discovery runs on fastpipe.io Cloud Nodes and is written in Python 3. Constantly checks cloud instance placement+status, reports to API.

cloud-backup is also written in Python 3 and handles backup execution across fastpipe.io Cloud Nodes. Decisions are based on API Response, reports back to API.

pysflowd is a python based sflow collector, analyzer and exporter (Elasticsearch) with enhanced functionality such as GeoIP and traffic-by / traffic-to host measurement.

combahton apiv3 is a highly performant, simple restful Golang API all-in-one solution which uses gorilla/mux for routing and mysql for backend database communication.